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HQ Herbal Pharmacy is striving to make the Patients Happy, Become Healthy and Balanced, Enjoy Life to its Fullest, Maximize their Own Unique Potential through the Secrets of this Ancient Science.

HQ Herbal Pharmacy Produces the Herbal Remedies very carefully according to Ayurvedic Principals.

Muhammad Hanif Qadri is the CEO of HQ Herbal Pharmacy having the Qualifications from Leading Ayurvedic College and University of India. He is also Pharmacy Graduate from Karachi University having huge experience of manufacturing Life Saving Medicines.

He is a specialized Herbalist in 1. Heart/Cardiac  2. Knee and Joint, Bones 3. Male and Female Sex  Read More

HQ's Jam Amrit Certificate

WHY HQ's Jam Amrit?

When a Doctor does Angioplasty, a balloon on the end of a catheter is inserted into your artery to squash the offending plaque against the wall of your artery, it is then held captive with a metal wire stent. The catheter passing through the arteries often damage the arteries and cause plaque to be scraped off in large chunks, that plaque is flushed through your body and may end up in the brain causing paralysis, mental deficiencies, or a stroke. After surgery you will still have Heart disease, because the plaque buildup under the stent and in other areas of your body has not been removed. The catheter cannot get to and clean the small arteries and arterioles that cause congestive heart disease. The Medical industry profits with your poor health. Doctors and TV commercials try to make you believe cholesterol and blood clots are the cause of heart disease when, in fact, calcium plaque is the real cause. Daily your body becomes overloaded and saturated with calcium, way too much calcium. Everything you eat and everything you drink has lots of calcium in it. This excess unneeded calcium floats around your body like grains of sand seeking a place to cause disease with pain and misery the result is: your heart and arteries get plaque buildup, your pancreas and liver get plugged and you lose your health, when your joints get plugged you get Arthritis, the same thing goes for Prostate disease, Thyroid disease, along with Macular Degeneration of the eyes, Tinnitus (ringing) in the ears, Kidney stones, Gallstones, Lupus and other diseases.

Angioplasty and By...

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