About Us


Haji Muhammad Hanif Qadri

Founder Herbalist

HQ Herbal Pharmacy is striving to make the Patients Happy, Become Healthy and Balanced, Enjoy Life to its Fullest, Maximize their Own Unique Potential through the Secrets of this Ancient Science.

HQ Herbal Pharmacy Produces the Herbal Remedies very carefully according to Ayurvedic Principals.

Muhammad Hanif Qadri is the CEO of HQ Herbal Pharmacy having the Qualifications from Leading Ayurvedic College and University of India. He is also Pharmacy Graduate from Karachi University having huge experience of manufacturing Life Saving Medicines.

He is a specialized Herbalist in 1. Heart/Cardiac  2. Knee and Joint, Bones 3. Male and Female Sex  4. Infertility  5. Diabetes and other health related problems. He is also a herbal beautician.

The Amazing herbal clinical Products/remedies of HQ Herbal Pharmacy are the result of Muhammad Hanif Qadri’s own Long researches, Clinical Trials and Experiences for more than two decades.

Your Doctor does not offer a Money Back Guarantee if your Health does not improve, But HQ Herbal Pharmacy offers a 100 percent Money Back Guarantee if blocked arteries not cleaned after use of HQ’s Jam Amrit within 7 to 21 weeks.

HQ Herbal Pharmacy’s most effective and successful clinical products/remedies are HQ’s Jam Amrit (Natural Vein Opening Therapy Syrup) cost Rs.7200/- for 500 ml. and Rs. 3800/- for 250 ml. pack  HQ’s Vein Opener Course (3 Items) for One month’s use Cost Rs. 7500/- HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Majoon (Sex enhancement Tonic for man cost Rs. 3600/- for 50 grams pack HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Sharbat (Sex stimulant enhancement for man) cost Rs. 4000/- for 250 ml pack  HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Cream (for  increase the time duration of happy moments) cost Rs. 1400/- for 7 grams pack,  Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Churan (To increase and improve Sperm quality and quantity) cost Rs.1400/- for 30 grams pack, Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Capsules (for Rock Hard Erection) cost Rs. 450/- for 2 capsules pack,  HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Gold Capsules (Recharges Sex Drive to its fullest in 60 days) cost Rs. 2700/- for 10 capsules pack, HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Ride Capsules (for Bombastic sex power) cost Rs. 1400/- for 10 capsules pack, HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Silajeet Capsules (for physical and sexual weakness and sure cure of enlarged Prostate Glands) cost Rs. 600/- for 20 capsules pack, HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Vita Capsules (A tonic for whole family’s heath) cost Rs. 850/- for 30 capsules pack,, HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Power Slim Churan (Weight loss treatment) cost Rs. 800/- for 90 Grams pack, AL-Shifa-e-Khas Nomore-D Churan (A sure diabetes relief) cost Rs. 650/- for 100 Grams packAl-Shifa-e-Khas Herbal Health Tonic Syrup cost Rs. 1800/- for 250 ml. pack,  Al-Shifa-e-Khas Rhemutic  Capsules cost Rs. 450/- for 20 capsules pack, Al-Shifa-e-Khas Herbal Beauty Syrup cost Rs.1800/- for 250 ml. pack. HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Drive Booster Majoon 100 Grams pack cost Rs. 2200/-, HQ’s Al-Shifa-e-Khas Foundation Booster Churan 100 Grams pack cost Rs. 2200/- and some female health related problems i.e. Irregular periods, Leucorrhoea, Female sterility, Infections, Skin allergy, Infertility, Male organ and Female breast developers and other most effective remedies are also being prepared.

Newly introduced 1:  DOUBLE HORSE (Course) containing 60 Tablets + 30 Capsules and 150 Grams Churan is a half course for 30 days cost Rs.22000/- + Delivery charges.

Newly introduced 2:  RED POWER FOR MEN (Red Musk) Majoon (160 Grams) and RED POWER FOR MEN (Red Musk) Capsules (60 Capsules) Clinical cost is Rs.9000/- each.

 All clinical products/remedies are Haji Muhammad Hanif’s unique formulations and prepared by himself with high quality herbs/ingredients and having no side effects.

We manage our health related services on mail order business system. Our clinical products/remadies are directly delivered to the patients in hand or dispatched at their destination any where in big Cities of Pakistan (Delivery charges apply)

We provide consultancy services to patients at our clinics i.e. at Herbalist Home (Fee 300/-), 1st floor, 1453/2, Azizabad, F.B. Area, Block 2, Karachi, at Defence Diagnostic Centre (Fee 600/-), 64-C, 10th Commercial Street, D.H.A. Phase IV, Karachi and at 10, Rays Centre (Fee 500/-), Block N North Nazimabad Opp. DC Office, Karachi. (Please call +92300-2160756 for advance appointment)

We do not export our clinical products/remedies out side Pakistan but our all clinical products/remedies are being frequently liked and used by the patients all over the world. The Customers getting it through ongoing passenger or their relative/representative/friends residing in Pakistan.
You may also contact us on our cell numbers  +92321-3789481, +92300-2160756 and +92321-2239901 or email us at hq.herbal.pharmacy@gmail.com and  info@hqherbalpharmacy.com