HQ's Al Shifa-e-Khas Jam Amrit

HQ's Jam Amrit is your best choice to regain health by cleaning vital organs and opening the block arteries within to 24 weeks.

HQ's Jam Amrit is the original liquid syrup of extracted fruits, vegetable and herbs and is the world first ayurvedic product of its kind that rejuvenate your body fast and easy natural way. Controls High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Reduce Cholesterol, Reduce Body weight by burning extra fate. Saves from heart surgery.

HQ's Jam Amrit does what Doctor should not do even after Heart surgery (i.e they cannot remove Plaque of block artery)

Free Delivery in all big cities of Pakistan.

Rs. 7200.00 (500ml) For 2 Months.

Rs. 3600.00 (250ml) For 1 Month.