HQ's Al Shifa-e-Khas Power Cream

Have you ever felt ashamed of not satisfying your partner becasue of erection problems ?  As you grow Older you'll find it a little difficult to get a strong erection and satisfying your partner on bed. A weak erection can strain your sexual relationship, and hurt your pride as well,to say the least. So,it is always necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a fully satisfying sex life. To get long Full Erecting Drive as you in your 20s.

HQ HERBAL PHARMACY is leading name in the field of offering quality and pure constitution based Ayurvedic Medicined that assist in prolonging life,in promotiong perfect health as well as in completely eradicating disease and dysfunction of the body.

  • Safe to use,No Side Effect
  • Highly effective and natural herbal extracts
  • Ayurvedic proprietary Medicine


For long lasting moments of happiness. Time(Duration) Control in your hand, Increase your Pleasure. Simply apply a thin layer of the Cream on the whole part of your tool just before 15 minutes.Do not rub.

Rs. 1400/= (10gm) + Delivery Charges