WHY HQ’s Jam Amrit ?


When a Doctor does Angioplasty, a balloon on the end of a catheter is inserted into your artery to squash the offending plaque against the wall of your artery, it is then held captive with a metal wire stent. The catheter passing through the arteries often damage the arteries and cause plaque to be scraped off in large chunks, that plaque is flushed through your body and may end up in the brain causing paralysis, mental deficiencies, or a stroke. After surgery you will still have Heart disease, because the plaque buildup under the stent and in other areas of your body has not been removed. The catheter cannot get to and clean the small arteries and arterioles that cause congestive heart disease. The Medical industry profits with your poor health. Doctors and TV commercials try to make you believe cholesterol and blood clots are the cause of heart disease when, in fact, calcium plaque is the real cause. Daily your body becomes overloaded and saturated with calcium, way too much calcium. Everything you eat and everything you drink has lots of calcium in it. This excess unneeded calcium floats around your body like grains of sand seeking a place to cause disease with pain and misery the result is: your heart and arteries get plaque buildup, your pancreas and liver get plugged and you lose your health, when your joints get plugged you get Arthritis, the same thing goes for Prostate disease, Thyroid disease, along with Macular Degeneration of the eyes, Tinnitus (ringing) in the ears, Kidney stones, Gallstones, Lupus and other diseases.

Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery offer only a limited and very short term stopgap solution to improve your health. Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery are partial treatments that lead to further heart problems and continued ongoing drug treatment. Surgery leaves your body a physical wreck and it takes many months, just to be able to breathe without pain. I’ve had many customers say “the Doctor rushed me into surgery. I wasn’t able to say no.” Now these customers have medicated Stents that were designed to prevent blood clots and yet they have to take number of medicines daily to prevent blood clots. Some Doctors keep them on drugs for years, at a great expense to the patient.

A wonderful friend of mine was paralyzed on the left side of his body from an angioplasty. After three months of not being able to walk or talk he took his life. Many people have experienced similar tragedies caused by surgery. I know first hand because Doctors killed me twice during an Angioplasty, and left a stent cocked at an angle blocking 80% of that arteries blood flow in the center of my heart. They said “We are sorry but we can’t get it in and we can’t get it out, it seems your only option is a heart transplant, unfortunately you don’t qualify for a heart transplant because you are over 50 and you don’t have any dependant children living with you.” I didn’t believe them, and after a long time researching the problem I created this Ayurvedic Remedy HQ’s JAM AMRIT. I quickly discovered that HQ’s JAM AMRIT was able to dissolve the plaque that was under the stent and I was able to restore blood flow to the artery the Doctors failed to do. I would like to thank all my friends and relatives, and all their friends and relatives, who were the vanguard of testing this product during 2-3 years. Don’t hesitate to try it, HQ’s JAM AMRIT is your best choice to clean blocked arteries because it really works.

HQ’s JAM AMRIT is the top performer with “20 times the power and 20 times the speed” then other medicines available in the market. This statement is based on product comparison by the patients who tried this product.

Heart disease is a huge health problem

Don’t get fooled, HQ’s JAM AMRIT is the “Original Liquid Ayurvedic Remedy” and nothing else will come close to the fast and complete benefits it provides. HQ’s JAM AMRIT is your best choice to clean blocked arteries without surgery or drugs.

Customer Comment, a True Story

“This product is amazing.” I have been taking prescribed medicines for about three years and have noticed no results. I have been a diabetic for 6 years and had begun to have circulation issues. I have cold feet, problems with cold shoulders (Arthritis) and pain in my chest (Angina) during exertion. After taking HQ’s JAM AMRIT for 4 weeks my chest pains started to disappear, my cold feet issues are gone and my shoulders are moving more freely. I can’t imagine how good I am going to feel after 24 weeks of treatment. This has given me my life back. Thank you for such an amazing Ayurvedic product.”

HQ’s JAM AMRIT has many true stories

Much of the information about HQ’s JAM AMRIT, may seem too good to be true; it is not HQ’s JAM AMRIT is a fantastic Ayurvedic product that has given many people a new life with better health. If you are like many people looking for a longer, healthier life, then read on and learn the truth about aging, poor health and the causes. You will also learn how you can fight against it.

Most Doctors won’t go against the established methods of treatment as they are very profitable and keep you dependant on them. Don’t let a Doctor rush you into surgery, call us first we can help. You will not need; stress tests, drugs, diet or surgery. You will know when HQ’s JAM AMRIT did it’s job because you will sleep better, throughout the day you will have more energy and strength, with better breathing and more endurance, your short term memory will improve along with better vision and hearing, in addition you will see improvements for ED, Diabetes, Arthritis, bone spurs, kidney disease, Obesity, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas etc. Seems hard to believe but calcium plaque causes all these problems.

Low Cost

HQ’s JAM AMRIT is your best choice to clean blocked arteries because it is unlike low cost pills or powder you must keep buying for the years with some hope of getting a measure of relief, with your initial purchase of HQ’s JAM AMRIT you can expect to dissolve your artery blockage in only a few weeks and eliminate the ongoing cost of drugs and medical treatment.

Nothing to Lose But Your Bad Health

Be careful; don’t be willing to risk your health or life on cheap and ineffective products. It’s human nature that after you try something new without success, you don’t want to waste your money and try something else that looks a lot like what you have already tried and it had failed. You just tried the wrong thing first.

Don’t gamble with your life on low cost products. There is nothing in the world that works as good or as fast as HQ’s JAM AMRIT.

HQ’s JAM AMRIT won’t fail you because it has a 5-6 years track record in Clinical Trials and a success rate of over 97%. Why only 97%? Some people only give it a half hearted try because they are doubtful it will work and others short change themselves and don’t take enough to get the job done. When in doubt, call us to help determine the best program for you.

You’re Fountain of Youth!

Health is a precious gift, once you lose it, you would be willing to pay any cost to get it back. The good news is you can turn back the hands of time and feel young again by cleansing of your heart, arteries and all your vital organs. HQ’s JAM AMRIT Ayurvedic natural home treatment program will totally rejuvenate your body. Within a few short weeks you will feel like a new you with much better health.

How good is HQ’s JAM AMRIT ?

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can buy lower cost products that claim to provide the same results as HQ’s JAM AMRIT; cheap products do not provide good health. Typically the price is cheaper because the ingredients are less effective. When you are buying a product that will relieve the problems associated with cardiovascular disease price is not, and should never be the issue. The effectiveness of the product is what you should be basing your decision on. The Patients are happy they made the decision to go with HQ’s JAM AMRIT as they watch their symptoms lessen and disappear.

Money Back Guarantee.

Your Doctor doesn’t offer a money back guarantee if your health doesn’t improve. HQ’s JAM AMRIT offers a 100% money back guarantee if your blocked arteries do not open within 8-24 weeks, and no risk to you.

For people that find the cost of HQ’s JAM AMRIT a hardship or impossibility don’t hesitate to call. For many even the small cost of HQ’s JAM AMRIT is a great expense. Money is not the root of all evil, disease is, without your health nothing else much matters. HQ HERBAL PHARMACY is aware of the current economic circumstances we are all living with. For those with financial hardships we will work with you, please do not take advantage of this by requesting help when it is not warranted. We will not abandon anyone for lack of money. Please call us so we can discuss your situation.



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